The ANZCCJ is governed by an Executive Council, elected annually by members of the Chamber.  The Executive Council meets monthly for the dispatch of ordinary business and for carrying out the objectives of the Chamber. The 2018-2019 ANZCCJ Executive Council is represented by the members below. 

The Executive Council is the governing body of the ANZCCJ.  As a group, the Executive Council determines the Chamber’s policies and priorities and oversees its financial affairs.  The main roles and responsibilities of  Executive Council members include:

      • Furthering the Chamber’s core mission, setting key strategic objectives and ensuring activities align with that over time.
      • Helping the ANZCCJ deliver real value for its members, as well as outreach to new and potentially beneficial members to the current ANZCCJ membership.
      • Being a senior representative for the ANZCCJ, attending ANZCCJ events and meetings.
      • Actively participating in or chairing one or more ANZCCJ committees or working groups that deal with specific issues or initiatives, acting as a liaison between the Executive Council and that Committee/working group. This initiative will draw from the EC members’ strengths and skills, align with their current profession or interests, and provide further learning and development opportunities.
      • Acting as MC or moderator at events, particularly those related to the Committee with which the council member is affiliated.
      • Overseeing the Secretariat’s management of ANZCCJ’s operations.
        For further details on the Chamber’s operations and activities, contact ANZCCJ Executive Director, Emily Hallams.
        Tel 03-4400-2972 | Emily.Hallams@anzccj.jp

        ANZCCJは毎年会員によって選ばれたExecutive Council(理事会)メンバーを中心に運営しています。ECメンバーはそれぞれのビジネスにおける現状報告やANZCCJの目標を達成すべく、毎月ミーティングを開催しています。2018−2019年の理事は以下の通りです。


        ANZCCJ 理事の主な役割と義務は下記のとおりです。

          • ANZCCJの代表としての、目標達成や活動、会員層の拡大に向けた活動
          • ANZCCJ会員にとって有益な情報を発信し、ポテンシャルある企業などの勧誘
          • 委員会に関わるANZCCJのイベントやミーティングへの参加
          • ANZCCJの委員会に積極的に参加、もしくは委員会を担当し、問題解決や新提案について、グループの代表としてECメンバーと委員会やそのメンバーの情報の架け橋とな戦略的計画と利害関係者に従事するイベントへの参
          • 理事が属する委員会に関わるイベントでのMCや司会の担当
          • ANZCCJの活動における事務局のマネジメント

          ANZCCJの運営活動についての詳しい情報は当事務局長 Emily Hallams までお問い合わせください。

          Tel 03-4400-2972  |  Emily.Hallams@anzccj.jp



          Sally Townsend
          ANZCCJ Chair

          SA Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment 


          Andrew Gauci
          ANZCCJ Senior Councillor
          Lendlease Japan


          Catherine O’Connell

          ANZCCJ Vice Chair
          Catherine O'Connell Law


          Martin Spann
          ANZCCJ Vice Chair 
          Commonwealth Bank of Australia


          Nobi Yamaji

          ANZCCJ Vice Chair
          Personal Information Protection Commission 


          Tim Barnstable

          ANZCCJ Treasurer
          Saputo Dairy Australia


          Elizabeth Cox

          ANZCCJ Executive Council


          Neville Falkner
          ANZCCJ Executive Council


          Ian Scott
          ANZCCJ Executive Council
          Atsumi & Sakai


          Jennifer Sakaguchi
          ANZCCJ Executive Council
          Rio Tinto


          Matthew Walker

          ANZCCJ Executive Council
          AIG Japan Holdings


          Tracy Whiriskey
          ANZCCJ Executive Council


          Melanie Brock

          ANZCCJ Chair Emeritus
          Melanie Brock Advisory


          Brett Cooper
          ANZCCJ Ex-Officio



          Craig Pettigrew
          ANZCCJ Ex-Officio
          New Zealand Trade & Enterprise


          HK Yu 

          ANZCCJ Ex-Officio

          Australian Embassy


          Dominic Walton-France
          ANZCCJ Ex-Officio
          New Zealand Embassy


          Emily Hallams

          ANZCCJ Executive Director

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          The Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan

            Phone :  03-4400-2972         Email : info@anzccj.jp
           Opening Hours: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

           WeWork Shimbashi, 6-19-13 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒105-0004

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